Majesty of the Seas & Fascination, Nassau

How it all started~ Many years ago, I went on a short cruise with my daughter. I immediately fell in love with cruising. I loved everything about it – the sea breezes, the reflection of the sun and the moon on the water, the gentle sounds of the water lapping up against the hull of the ship, the slight rocking like when a mother rocks her baby to sleep, waking up in a different place almost every morning, the pampering of the crew, yes, I can go on and on.

Getting my husband on board~ After that, I wanted to share the romance of cruising with my husband. To say he resisted would be a gross understatement. But he agreed to go, we booked and then he regretted it every day until we finally were on the ship and sailing away. In the four days we were on the ship, I saw him transform from the man that knew it would be awful because he was in the navy, to a “cruise-a-holic”.  He was more relaxed than he had ever been during our 30 years of marriage. He was singing “Yellow Bird” with (and without) the steel drum band on board. He gazed at the water over the railing, breathing in the salt air. He strolled the decks of the ships and the streets of the islands, trying to capture everything in his memory so it would never leave.

The new beginning~ On the last day of the cruise, as we were waiting to disembark, he stood on the deck, leaning over the rail as if to get closer to the open water and let out a deep sigh. He now feared, not going on a cruise, but the thought that he may never cruise again. Fortunately, I shared his new passion for sailing in luxury on a cruise ship and we now list cruising as our number one hobby. When we are at the end of a cruise, he no longer is saddened that the cruise is over, but is excited to plan our next voyage and the ports that will be part of our next adventure. And in the meantime, there are his photographs, souvenirs and memories to pour over again and again, reliving the dream that came true.

Just for the record, our next cruise is going to be a fabulous Eastern Mediterranean cruise aboard the Celebrity Equinox this fall. I’ll be sure to tell you all about it when I get back!

(But check back in before that, because you never know what travel stories, tips and more I might blog about!)


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